Setting the device is super easy, however, don’t worry because if you have any questions we will help you to solve it, via chat or email

The device is recommended for ages between 3 and 14 years.

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Within the app you must go to the settings and disable the LBS option.

Within the settings you will find the working mode option, there are 3 options, from lowest to highest frequency: energy < normal < follow. If you choose the higher frequency option, the battery life will be shorter.

Access the settings and within the phone option, you can save up to fifteen phone numbers.

In “The Fence”. Press “+” to add a new security perimeter. Establish the perimeter on the map. Enter the name of the zone and then adjust the fence radius (200m-2000m). Finally, save the configuration. Once that security perimeter is activated, you can activate and deactivate it or edit it whenever you want.

Go to settings and select the SOS/Family number option, then you can save up to three phone numbers for emergencies, don’t forget to save when finished.

In the settings, select the SMS alert settings option. Here you can determine a number to receive the sms in order to activate and deactivate the following alerts:
– Low consumption: warns you when the device’s battery is running low.
– SOS remember: if the child presses SOS, you will receive an SMS with its location.
– Remove device: functionality subject to the Android/iOS version of your smartphone.
SMS alerts may incur an additional cost on your phone bill, check with your operator.

You just have to access the “Alarm” option in the main menu, where you can configure up to three alarms, activate and deactivate them.

In the settings you will find the options “Do not disturb”, establish up to three different time intervals in which the device will not interrupt our children.

It’s an interesting feature that will allow you to encourage and reward good behavior in your little ones. Send them reward hearts by accessing the main menu in the “Rewards” option and choosing the number of hearts you want to send to your child, when he gets a certain number of these, you can reward him.

You can find it thanks to its sound alerts, for that access the “Device” option from the main menu and follow the steps shown there.

Se já tens os números de SOS configurados, a única forma de o fazer é aceder à opção de definições a partir da aplicação.

Go to the intercom and press the keyboard icon located at the bottom left.

Go to “Intercom” and hold down the “Start recording” button.

It serves to listen to what our child is doing without being aware of it. To activate it, go to Settings and select the “Voice” option. Enter your phone number and the device will call that number.