Before using the device for the first time, we recommend carrying out a full charge with the watch off. Do not charge for more than 120 minutes.

SIM card setup

For the device to work you must insert a nano SIM card with data. 

STEP 1: Remove the SIM card pin, this operation can be carried out on any smartphone in the settings section. The smartwatch does not let you enter the pin. You must remove the SIM pin by inserting it into a smartphone or tablet and follow these steps:

Android System:

Go to your Android’s settings and look for the “Security” option. Go to “SIM Lock”. Click on “Lock SIM card” to remove said block. The system will ask you to enter the card pin. It will be the last time you do it. Once this is done, the device will no longer ask you for the card pin each time you restart your smartphone.

IOS system:

First of all, we will address the application of settings. Once inside, we navigate to mobile data, it’s one of the first sections of the settings, under Bluetooth and WiFi. We find a menu of information about our operator, there is specifically a section called SIM PIN, which is the one we are going to select. When we access it, we have two possibilities, the switch to activate/deactivate the SIM PIN, or a section below to change the PIN.

STEP 2: Remove the “SIM CARD” silicone protector, located on the opposite side of the on/off button (ON/SOS).
STEP 3: Insert the nano SIM with the chip facing up as shown in the following image. The card must be inserted with the device turned off.n

App registration

To configure and control the watch, download the Se Tracker application, available for  Android and IOS  for free.

Click on “REGISTRATION” and create the account with a phone or email and enter a password. If it’s the first time you link a device, you can do it through the registration page itself. Enter the watch ID found on the back of the watch.

If you want to link more than one Watchilds with the application, you must:

  • Click on the “My” option in the main menu.
  • Access the device list.
  • Add device.
  • Select the square to be able to scan the QR code located on the back of the smartwatch sphere.

When you have followed these steps, you will have to give the device a “nickname”, this can be your children’s name, so that if you have several Watchilds you can easily identify each one of them.

first steps to follow

To configure the language, access the settings and select “Language and time zone”. Afterwards, choose the desired language.

To activate the GPS connection and obtain a more accurate location, we recommend deactivating the LBS option.

Regarding the S.O.S configuration, you must access the settings and select “SOS/Family number” and enter up to 3 emergency phone numbers. Little ones will be able to connect sequentially to these three contacts by pressing the button enabled for this function.


The device is water resistant, has IP66 certification, that is, it can withstand splashing water. However, it is not submersible and continuous and prolonged exposure to water may damage the device, in which case we cannot be held responsible.